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The Division of Training and Professional Learning plans and coordinates high-quality union education and professional development programs for MTA members and leaders. The division collaborates with members and staff to deliver relevant in-person and online training, tools and materials that build our union power.

2023 EMAC Conference

Cultivating Cultural Pride:
Nurturing Cultural Identity and Heritage


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Agents of Change 

The MTA is pleased to offer access to this powerful documentary to all our members so you can share it with your colleagues, students, locals, and community. This film was recently screened at our 2023 Summer Conference at UMass Amherst. We hope you are as engaged and inspired by its timeless content as we were. It captures the true essence of unity, solidarity, activism, people power, and change as we continue to fight these same challenges today!

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Share your knowledge and experience while expanding your professional acumen. TPL offers learning opportunities in a variety of subjects and we are always open to new ideas.

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