Who We Are

MTA represents 110,000 members in close to 400 local associations throughout Massachusetts. We are teachers, faculty, professional staff and education support professionals working at public schools, colleges and universities across Massachusetts.


Merrie Najimy

Merrie Najimy

Max Page

Max Page
Vice President

Our Mission

The Massachusetts Teachers Association is a member-driven organization, governed by democratic principles, that accepts and supports the interdependence of professionalism and unionism. The MTA promotes the use of its members' collective power to advance their professional and economic interests. The MTA is committed to human and civil rights and advocates for quality public education in an environment in which lifelong learning and innovation flourish.

Our History

What Is the MTA?

The Massachusetts Teachers Association is a union, dedicated to improving the workplace and the quality of life for all education employees and to protecting their hard-won rights. Equally important, we are an association of highly qualified professionals, committed to establishing and maintaining optimal conditions for student learning from preschool through graduate school.NEA, MTA and local affiliates are highly democratic organizations in which members' views and concerns are vital to the development of policies and programs. Your three-way membership means you have a voice in determining priorities and direction in your school district, in Boston and in Washington. We really do work together for public education.