MTA Educators Speak Out

Are we stifling students' creativity with so much high-stakes testing? MTA educators share their stories about the effects of high-stakes testing on students.

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MTA calls for Massachusetts to rethink high-stakes testing

Bill S. 308, An Act Strengthening and Investing In Our Educators, Students and Communities:

  • Makes crucial updates to the state education funding formula
  • Mandates a moratorium on and replacement of the state’s high-stakes testing regime
  • Promotes community collaboration in improving schools
  • Provides services critical to student academic and social-emotional development, such as recess for grade-schoolers and appropriate bilingual education services for non-native speakers

No to PARCC Hearing

Opting Out of High-Stakes Testing

Opting out, or refusing the test, is a powerful way to protest the misuse of high-stakes tests in Massachusetts public schools.

“[High-stakes testing] uses the smallest, most meaningless measure of teaching and learning, and it puts enormous value on it.”

MTA President Barbara Madeloni 
Evidence & Support
Deeper Dive
Testing & Young Children
Get the facts on why testing is harmful to young children – as well as the right questions to ask.

Source: Defending the Early Years and FairTest

What Test Scores Tell Us
Students’ test scores tell us more about the community they live in than what they know.

Christopher Tienken, Seton Hall U.