Good Reasons to Belong to MTA

There are 117,000 good reasons to belong to the MTA — the 117,000 women and men who make up the strongest force for public education in Massachusetts.

Plus, these ten good reasons.

Our Collective Voice

New Teachers Conference

Speaking in one voice strengthens our power on the issues that matter most.

The MTA:

Professional Support and Growth

We are committed to supporting the schools our students deserve, increasing and protecting educator autonomy and assisting our members as they grow from novice to experienced practitioner.

The MTA:

Teachers' Working Conditions Are Our Students' Learning Conditions

Why MTA Students

We work with you to advocate for conditions that foster student learning, growth and engagement, creating the public schools our democracy needs.

The MTA:

Stronger School Funding and Political Power

We are committed to the principles of high-quality, universal, free and fully funded public education for the more than one million Massachusetts students, from preK through graduate school. The MTA:

Enhance and Protect Your Pay and Benefits

Why MTA teacher

Our top priority is to enhance and protect your compensation and benefits by: 

Standing Up for Your Rights

As a public employee, you have certain rights, and we are here to defend them. We support you with legal counsel and organizing efforts.

Opportunities to Make a Difference

Why MTA Circle

Our collective voice — approximately 400 local associations statewide representing 110,000 of your colleagues across Massachusetts — is our strength. Our voice is strengthened further through our affiliation with the National Education Association NEA.

Get involved:

Shaping the Future of Education

Public education is at a critical juncture. It is up to us as educators and union members to protect public education and workplace democracy.

That’s why the MTA:

Money-Saving Benefits

MTA Benefits, a wholly owned subsidiary of the MTA, provides members with access to money-saving programs and services to help with life outside of work. Enjoy everyday savings from more than 350,000 online and in-store merchants, as well as 220,000 mobile coupon locations nationwide: museums, retail stores, restaurants, parks, ski areas, theaters, bookstores and many others — all available just by using your MTA member card.

Stretch your paycheck with these discount programs:

Smart Retirement Planning

Retired and active teacher

Whether you are a beginning educator or a veteran, it is reassuring to know that the MTA will actively assist with retirement planning.

The MTA:

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