Education Support Professionals

"I love the work I've done to build a stronger local."
Shaleah Rather
Classified Staff Union

"As educators, we are an essential and vital part of the success of our students. We are just as essential to our associations."
Saul Ramos
Educational Association of Worcester

"My co-workers and I are strong when we stand united in solidarity."
Amy Morin
Lexington Education Association

"I found my activist voice propelled by a need to support students at critical points in their lives."
Sonia Fortin
Sudbury Education Association

"My local is strong when we look out for each other and stand united."
Naomi Adagboyi
Canton Teachers Association

"The MTA is strong when we stand in solidarity."
Amybeth Silva
Taunton Education Support Association

Education Support Professionals

Education Support Professionals keep students healthy, safe, supported, engaged and challenged so they are ready to learn. It is difficult to imagine a school operating for one day without ESPs.

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Union Skills Winter Conference

This conference will include a wide variety of 90-minute workshops related to the core activities of local unions.