Education Support Professionals

Who We Are, What We Do

Working as an Education Support Professional is exciting, rewarding and satisfying. It can be difficult, draining and sometimes heart-wrenching, but it is never boring.

We want you to know that the MTA is here to support you now and through your retirement years. Our support is provided in various ways.

Contract Bargaining

Students’ learning conditions are your working conditions. We are there to help you get the tools you must have to reach your highest potential.

Political Action

Our collective strength makes us a powerful advocate for improving the working and learning conditions for you and for our students. We’ll work together with your local association and the National Education Association to make sure the public and our representatives in Massachusetts and Washington, D.C., have the information they need to make the right choices for public education and school employees.

Professional Development

You’ll discover that you need to continually update your own skills. This need is greater than ever under current federal and state standards for instructional ESPs in schools that receive federal Title I funding. MTA offers professional development opportunities and holds a statewide ESP Conference each spring. In addition, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and public higher education institutions offer professional development opportunities. We can help you find the information you need to take advantage of these opportunities.

The MTA Education Support Professionals Committee plans regional trainings, including the MTA ESP Conference and workshops at the MTA Summer Conference, and provides input and recommendations on ESP-related matters to other committees and the MTA Board of Directors.


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