Education Support Professionals

Designed for education support professionals, this year’s free, Fall Workshop Series offers professional development, networking, and more. This is a workshop series where ESPs are truly given the space to explore their role in public education, their workplaces and their union. This program includes workshops for Higher Ed and PreK-12 ESPs and their allies.


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Susan Soares
ESP of the year 2021

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"I found my activist voice propelled by a need to support students at critical points in their lives."
Sonia Fortin, Sudbury Education Association
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"My co-workers and I are strong when we stand united in solidarity."
Amy Morin, Lexington Education Association
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Education Support Professionals keep students healthy, safe, supported, engaged and challenged so they are ready to learn. It is difficult to imagine a school operating for one day without ESPs.

esp bill of rights
ESPs: Speak Out!

The MTA’s preK-12 Education Support Professionals play critically important roles in our public schools, providing individual and small-group instruction to students with disabilities, assisting in early education classes, supporting English learners, driving buses, preparing meals, keeping schools clean and performing myriad administrative and education support functions.

Learn more about the MTA ESP Bill of Rights and share your story.

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ESPs In Action

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Take Action on ARPA Funding

Please email and call your senators today and urge that they co-sponsor MTA-backed amendments to S.2564