Retirement Planning

You only retire once. You should not be expected to be an expert in something you will never do again. Take advantage of the valuable services provided by our retirement consultants, who are available to MTA members without charge. 

We employ a cadre of part-time consultants, a service provided by MTA's Legal Division, who are available to help you through the retirement process. Individual consultations are available across the state. Our calendar outlines the dates and times when our retirement consultants are available to assist MTA members. Please call to schedule an appointment.

Individual Retirement Consultation Calendar

Individual appointments may also be made with a retirement consultant at MTA's headquarters, 2 Heritage Drive, 8th Floor, Quincy on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. To schedule an appointment in Quincy, contact Retirement Consultant Harold Crowley at (617) 878-8240.


Retired Member Benefits

Learning Opportunities

MTA Retired members are privy to high-quality union education and professional development programs and conferences.


Stay involved in public education when you retire. Having done so much for your students and our schools as an active educator, we need your knowledge — and your voice.


MTA/NEA Retired members have access to thousands of discounts through the Benefits and Discount Directory, as well as long-term care, home mortgage, dental insurance and other programs.


The MTA’s legislative agenda is developed through a process that includes extensive input from MTA members, active and retired. The agenda articulates our shared commitment to public education, fairness for all workers in our communities, and a secure retirement for public-sector employees.