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Helping Students in Need 

The Massachusetts Child is a charitable corporation founded by MTA members in 1996 to help students struggling with financial need. The Mass Child is a reimbursement program available to all MTA preK-12 local associations. Members use funds from their local associations to purchase qualifying items for students, and Mass Child reimburses the local associations. Please note that Mass Child cannot reimburse individual members; all grant applications must have the signature of the local president.

What We Reimburse — Types of Grants

Standard Grants
Standard Grants for Locals by Size

Mass Child Standard Grants

MTA locals with fewer than 500 members are eligible for reimbursement grants of up to $1,000 during the course of the school year. Locals with 500 or more members can receive grants totaling $2 per member.

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Standard grants can be used to reimburse purchases of clothing, shoes, hygiene products and eyeglasses, as well as school supplies that are not usually provided by the district such as backpacks, notebooks and pens. Many locals use the grants to make sure that students have appropriate winter clothing. Grants have also been used to assist vocational school students with license fees, work clothing and supplies that are not provided by the school.

Items must be purchased for particular students. Mass Child will not reimburse “bulk” purchases of items to be distributed to students throughout the year.

Mass Child cannot reimburse purchases of food or gift cards.

Mass Child grants cannot be used to purchase devices that would fall under a student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or that are the responsibility of the district.

A local does not need to apply for all of its eligible funds in one application.

Remote Learning Grants

Mass Child will continue to reimburse MTA preK-12 locals for materials that can help students in overcoming challenges related to remote learning. These grants are designed to provide supplemental and enrichment material and not curriculum items that the district should be supplying. Locals may use Remote Learning Grants to make sure that students in need have supplies, books and project materials. Every MTA local is eligible for grant funding up to $500 specifically for Remote Learning, and these funds are available in addition to the amounts available for Standard Grants.

Summer Reading Program
Give Books to Kids in the Summer

Mass Child Reading Grants

Summer Reading Grants are designed to get books into the hands of students for their enjoyment.

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Mass Child received a large donation in 2018 specifically for literacy initiatives. This led to the creation of the Summer Reading Grant, designed to get books into the hands of students for their enjoyment. Locals with 500 or fewer members can apply for up to $200, and locals with more than 500 members are eligible for $500. Books must be intended for specific children in need. Ideally the book selections will not be required reading, but books that students themselves choose to read during the summer break. The application process for Summer Reading Grants begins on May 1.

Extracurricular Assistance
Help With Field Trips, Etc.

Mass Child Extracurricular

Help for students so that they can participate in extracurricular activities requiring school-based fees.

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Thanks to a grant from the blumshapiro Foundation, Mass Child can provide some assistance with funding for extracurricular activities. Local associations can apply for up to $100 to reimburse financial assistance provided to students so they can participate in extracurricular activities requiring school-based fees. For example, the grant can be used toward a needy student’s portion of the cost for field trip admission fees or transportation and for fees required to participate in enrichment opportunities, clubs or athletic teams. To see if an expense qualifies for reimbursement, email Mass Child Board President Nicole Prevost at or MTA Staff Consultant Scott McLennan at

Meeting Schedule & Resources

The Mass Child Board will review and approve applications at its meetings, which are scheduled for Oct. 8, Jan. 14, March 18, April 15 and June 10. Reimbursement checks are sent to local associations after applications have been approved at a meeting. Applications received after June 8 will be reviewed for the 2021-22 funding cycle.

The Mass Child Board of Directors —made up of MTA members – assesses requests on a case-by-case basis. Feel free to email Mass Child Board President Nicole Prevost at or MTA Staff Consultant Scott McLennan at with any questions you have prior to committing your local’s funds.

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How to Participate

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Go shopping. Using funds from your local, buy the qualifying items for students with financial need.

Submit the reimbursement form & receipts. Complete the Mass Child grants application, being sure to indicate the approval of the local president. A mail-in form is available and can be sent with original receipts to The Massachusetts Child, MTA Division of Communications, 2 Heritage Drive, 8th Floor, Quincy, MA 02171-2119. Please note, MTA offices are closed and forms sent by mail will be reviewed later than those sent in electronically. Receipts should contain only the items pertaining to the reimbursement request.

Get Reimbursed. Checks are sent to locals after requests are reviewed at Mass Child Board meetings. Checks are made out to the local associations.