Legislative and Political Action Teams

LPAT members at Summer Conference


Legislative and Political Action Team members advocate for issues that matter to you and your students — high-stakes testing, funding and the future of charter schools, to name a few. Legislative and Political Action Teams are overseen by Senate district coordinators — one for each of the 40 state Senate districts.


You've been looking for a way to get involved. This is it! Legislative and Political Action Team members are MTA members who work by day as education support professionals, teachers, faculty, support and professional staff. LPAT members use their voices — and their expertise from the front lines of public education — to engage colleagues, fellow association members, neighbors, friends and family in influencing legislators and other elected and appointed officials.


Legislative and Political Action Teams are at the core of our grassroots campaigns program. Led by a Senate district coordinator and composed of a mix of MTA activists, the LPATs are charged with educating, organizing and mobilizing MTA members and the community around a truly pro-public-education agenda.

I'm Just one person. How can I make a difference?

One person can make a difference! Political decisions shape much of the work we do every day in public schools and public higher education across the Commonwealth. Our elected leaders and their appointees make decisions every day about issues that have a direct impact on us as educators, faculty and staff – as well as on our students, our schools and colleges, and our communities. Class size, curriculum and funding are just a few of the issues decided by elected and government officials that affect our work lives.

How do I join?

Reach out to the coordinator of the LPAT in your own Senate district. If you live and work in two different Senate districts, you have the option of choosing which LPAT you’d like to join. If you are not sure of your Senate district, you can find out at www.wheredoivotema.com.

Find My Senate District

Legislative and Political Action Team Coordinators

Senator Coordinator Senate District Email
Sen. Michael Barrett Ed Dube 3rd Middlesex edube@massteacher.org
Sen. Joseph Boncore Vacant 1st Suffolk & Middlesex  
Sen. Michael Brady Vacant 2nd Suffolk & Middlesex  
Sen. William Brownsberger John Rimas 2nd Plymouth & Bristol  jrimas@massteacher.org
Sen. Harriette Chandler Richard Shea 1st Worcester rshea@massteacher.org
Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz Vacant 2nd Suffolk
Sen. Cynthia Creem Susan Davidoff 1st Middlesex & Norfolk sdavidoff@massteacher.org
Sen. Julian Cyr Marilyn Bemis Cape & Islands mbemis@massteacher.org
Sen. Viriato DeMacedo Stacia Leavitt Plymouth & Barnstable sleavitt@massteacher.org
Sen. Sal DiDomenico Randy Boudreau Middlesex & Suffolk rboudreau@massteacher.org
Sen. Cindy Friedman Mary Cummings 4th Middlesex mcummings@massteacher.org
Sen. Eileen Donoghue Carolyn Scafidi 1st Middlesex cscafidi@massteacher.org
Sen. James Eldridge David Sheehan Middlesex & Worcester dsheehan@massteacher.org
Sen. Ryan Fattman Roberta Goldman Worcester & Norfolk rgoldman@massteacher.org
Sen. Linda Dorcena Forry Vacant 1st Suffolk
Sen. Anne Gobi Jane Lynch-Gilbert Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire & Middlesex jgilbert@massteacher.org
Sen. Adam Hinds Neil Clarke Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin & Hampden nclarke@massteacher.org
Sen. Donald Humason Sarah Shapiro 2nd Hampden & Hampshire sshapiro@massteacher.org
Sen. Patricia Jehlen Sam Matson 2nd Middlesex smatson@massteacher.org
Sen. John Keenan Peg McDonough Norfolk & Plymouth pmcdonough@massteacher.org
Sen. Barbara L'Italien Thomas Meyers 2nd Essex & Middlesex tmeyers@massteacher.org
Sen. Eric Lesser Christine Goonan 1st Hampden & Hampshire cgoonan@massteacher.org
Sen. Jason Lewis Deborah Gesualdo 5th Middlesex dgesualdo@massteacher.org
Sen. Joan Lovely Sandra Howland 2nd Essex showland@massteacher.org 
Sen. Thomas McGee Margaret Crowe
3rd Essex mcrowe@massteacher.org
Sen. Mark Montigny James Quaintance 2nd Bristol & Plymouth jquaintance@massteacher.org
Sen. Michael Moore Roberta Goldman
2nd Worcester rgoldman@massteacher.org
Sen. Patrick O'Connor Bob Kostka Plymouth & Norfolk rkostka@massteacher.org
Sen. Kathleen O'Connor-Ives Sarah Emilio 1st Essex semilio@massteacher.org
Sen. Marc Pacheco Timothy Warren
1st Plymouth & Bristol twarren@massteacher.org
Sen. Michael Rodrigues Jim Teixeira
1st Bristol & Plymouth jteixeira@massteacher.org
Sen. President Stanley Rosenberg Sarah Shapiro
Hampshire, Franklin & Worcester sshapiro@massteacher.org
Sen. Richard Ross Mo Guernon Norfolk, Bristol & Middlesex mguernon@massteacher.org
Sen. Michael Rush Sheila Hanley Norfolk & Suffolk shanley@massteacher.org
Sen. Karen Spilka Bill Dooling 2nd Middlesex & Norfolk wdooling@massteacher.org
Sen. Dean Tran Brian Lehtinen
Worcester & Middlesex blehtinen@massteacher.org
Sen. Bruce Tarr Eric Leigh 1st Essex & Middlesex eleigh@massteacher.org
Sen. Paul Feeney Vacant Bristol & Norfolk  
Sen. Walter Timilty Sherley Phillips Norfolk, Bristol & Plymouth sphillips@massteacher.org
Sen. James Welch Fran Frederick Hampden ffrederick@massteacher.org

MTA Grassroots Campaigns Staff

Name Email Phone
Jo Ann Fitzgerald, Director jfitzgerald@massteacher.org 617-878-8190
Paul McClory, Deputy Director pmcclory@massteacher.org 617-878-8192
Eric Smith, Coordinator esmith@massteacher.org 617-878-8194