Bargaining Summit 2018

Reimagining Bargaining

Over the past few years we’ve made important strides in how we bargain contracts and win on the issues that matter to our members, students and communities. The 2018 MTA Summit, which is being planned and facilitated by a committee made up of preK-12 and higher education members and MTA staff, will build upon this important work. Please join us to hear stories, gather resources and learn strategies for how to:

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Bargaining Summit Tracks

The 2018 Bargaining Summit builds upon the work of previous summits and is designed for locals to engage more deeply on bargaining strategies that build our union and our power to win in negotiations.

TRACK ONE: Deepening Open Bargaining

This track explores how we can open our negotiations, include members throughout the process and stand in solidarity to win stronger contracts. It will feature inspiring stories, reflections and lessons learned from MTA locals that have engaged in open bargaining. We will also share how to implement open bargaining best practices, including ratifying bargaining platforms, inviting members to the table and building solidarity between bargaining units.

Recommended  Audience: Negotiating Team Members

TRACK TWO: Reimagining Contract Campaigns

What you win at the bargaining table is directly related to what you do away from it. To win stronger contracts, our members need to lead campaigns, stand together and take action in support of negotiations. This track focuses on how to conduct a contract campaign that works in tandem with your strategy at the table. It will cover contract action teams, how negotiations and contract action teams work together, how to develop a campaign strategy using power mapping, and how to engage in escalating contract actions that are creative and unite members.

Recommended Audience: Contract Action Team Members and Any Member Who Wants to Support Negotiations

Track three: Bargaining for the Common Good

This track explores how we can be bolder and broader in our contract negotiations and engage in inspiring Common Good campaigns that connect members more deeply with their union and communities. This track will discuss what we mean by the Common Good; the theory, strategy and seven key elements behind a Common Good campaign; and concrete steps for implementing one. This track will also provide inspiring examples of Common Good demands, including demands related to student, housing and racial justice issues. MTA locals will share their experiences with these campaigns.

Recommended Audience: Open to All

TRACK FOUR: The Bargaining Summit 'Tasting Menu'

This track is for participants who want to learn about each of the negotiation strategies above. It will include three shorter workshops on open bargaining, contract campaigns and Bargaining for the Common Good. This is for those who want a broad exposure to ideas and strategies for how to build our power to win in negotiations.

Recommended Audience: Newcomers, Those Who Have Not Attended an MTA Bargaining Summit