COVID-19 Guidelines

Current guidelines are subject to approval by the MTA Board of Directors and subject to change as conditions evolve.

The Annual Meeting of Delegates will be held April 26-27, 2024 at the MassMutual Center in Springfield, with a virtual attendance option available.

Mask-Required Seating Area
A “mask-required” section within the business session room will be specifically designated and clearly labeled. Delegates who prefer to be seated among others wearing masks may choose to sit in this section at any time. Only those delegates wearing a face mask will be allowed access to this section.

Aside from the designated mask-required seating area, masking is encouraged but not required. MTA will have a supply of masks available.

Delegate Commitment
As part of the preregistration process, delegates will be asked to indicate how they will attend the meeting – either in-person or remotely. After making this selection, changes are not permitted except in the case of a health situation, which will necessitate a switch from in-person to remote.

In-person delegates have a personal responsibility to monitor their health and COVID status in consideration of the health of fellow delegates. If choosing to be in-person, delegates must commit to the following when they preregister: