hotel information

Hotel Information

Hotel Prices*

Single/Double Occupancy
(2 double beds or 1 king/queen)
$97* - $159*
(Up to $239* at MGM + $10 Resort Fee)
Triple/Quad Occupancy
some hotels may charge a fee after the first two people.

*Room rates do not include taxes of 11.7% to 13.45%, depending on where hotel is located. Rollaway beds may be subject to availability and an additional fee.

Reservations Begin March 6 and Close April 1

NO reservations will be accepted before March 6 for the general delegate body. Availability of reservations and price cannot be guaranteed once rooms are sold out. The hotels will sell out by April 1, so it is important for large delegations to reserve rooms starting March 6.

This year there are 17 discounted hotel options located in the cities of Springfield, West Springfield, Chicopee and Holyoke. All of the hotels have free parking and guest room Wi-Fi. The majority also offer a complimentary hot breakfast.

General Delegates for your convenience, this year there are 17 hotels to choose from. Reservations start March 6. Make a reservation

There are NO paper reservations. You MUST use the online link or phone number with a credit card to secure your reservation. Please only reserve rooms that you or your delegation will be using. Reserving more rooms than you need and canceling them at the last minute puts the MTA at risk of losing money and it prevents other delegations from being able to reserve those rooms by the deadline.

Local Presidents: Please be sure to communicate clearly to your delegates whether you are handling hotel reservations for your delegation or whether individuals should do so on their own.

MTA Board, staff, working committees, SEAM delegates, NEA directors and past presidents ONLY: Please follow this link to make a reservation

Hotel Information:

  • The hotels listed on the Annual Meeting website are available for all delegates, including large delegations and individual reservations, including Regional Ethnic Minority delegates and Statewide Retired District delegates.
  • Check-in and checkout times vary by hotel, so please make sure to find out the times for your hotel and communicate that to your delegates. Everyone must be checked out of their rooms on Saturday before they head to the MassMutual Center, unless the reservation has been extended to Sunday.
  • Some of the online systems can reserve several rooms at a time and can be modified to select different types of rooms and different dates. Some modifications (i.e., changing/adding delegate names) can be made online once a confirmation email has been received. Other hotels may require you to call to update the reservations.
  • If you require an ADA room, we suggest that you call the hotel to reserve it, as these rooms may not be listed online.
  • If you want to add Thursday or Saturday night rooms to your stay, you may need to call the hotel to find out about availability and rate and add them to your existing reservation.
  • Delegates must use a Mastercard or Visa to secure rooms. If there are outstanding charges for your room after checkout, your credit card will be charged.
  • Because of the large volume of hotel options, you are responsible for finding out the billing procedures at your reserved hotel. Some hotels charge the credit card in advance, some only place a hold, and some do not charge the card until check-in or after you check out. Some hotels also require incidental holds. You will need to call the hotel to discuss alternative billing arrangements, such as paying with a group credit card or check. Each hotel has its own cancellation policy ranging from 48 to 72 hours in advance of the reservation to prevent a cancellation fee. You are responsible for calling the hotel to find out the billing information for you and/or your delegation.