Elections at 2021 Annual Meeting

Only delegates from the following Districts will be voting in the elections this year: 14D, 28D, 19G, and Statewide Retired.

Elections at Annual Meeting:

District 14D - Candidates for Board of Directors (1 vacancy)  
Am Cecil Fuoti Framingham Teachers Assn 
Nancy Clougherty Framingham Teachers Assn
District 28D - Candidates for Board of Directors (1 vacancy)  
Nancy Aykanian Westwood Teachers Assn
Donna Grady Franklin Education Assn
District 19G - Candidates for Board of Directors (1 vacancy)   
Daphnee Balan, Somerville Somerville Teachers Assn 
Robert (Bobby) Travers, Jr.  Cambridge Education Assn
Retired Members Committee Candidates (4 vacancies)  
 Phyllis Neufeld  Burlington, MA
 Beverly Saccocia  Dennis, MA
 Richard Liston  Everett, MA
 Seth Evans  Brookline, MA
 Sally Sennott  Belmont, MA
 Dale Melcher,  Northampton, MA
 Rafael Moure-Eraso  Medford, MA

Locals in 14D:
Ashland Educators Assn, Framingham Teachers Assn, Hopkinton Teachers Assn, Keefe Tech School Secretarial Assn, Keefe Technical Educators Assn, Marlborough Educators Assn.

Locals in 28D:
Dover-Sherborn Education Assn, Franklin Education Assn, Medfield Teachers Assn, Millis Teachers Assn, Norwood Teachers Assn, Tri County Maintenance Assn, Tri County Teachers Assn, Westwood Teachers Assn.

Locals in 19G:
Cambridge Education Assn, Cambridge Safety Specialists Assn, Chelsea Administrators Assn, Somerville Teachers Assn.

If your local is not within one of these districts listed above, you will not vote in the elections this year.

Certified Candidate List

Watch Candidate Speeches for Contested Elections

Candidates who ran uncontested were declared elected in accordance with the election waiver provision of the bylaws for the following seats. Board of Directors seats: At-Large Director for Ethnic Minority Membership; Districts 7B, 9B, 10B, 35C, 42C, 32D, 30E, 23F, 24F, 25F, 44H, 46H, AND 47H.

On Saturday, May 1, at the direction of the presiding officer, elections will begin at the conclusion of whichever item of business is being transacted at 11:00 am. Voting will end no less than 25 minutes later.

Voting delegates should follow the instructions of the presiding officer and on the screen of the meeting’s online platform. Voting will take place within the online meeting platform. Voting delegates should follow the links on screen to access the appropriate ballot in order to cast a vote.

Note: Those delegates not voting in the elections this year will have a 25 minute meeting break at the time of the election. The presiding officer will announce the time for the break and the time that the meeting will resume.

Election results will be presented at the conclusion of whichever item of business is being transacted at the time when the tabulations have been completed and certified.