Preconvention Meetings

Preconvention Meetings are held as opportunities to provide important information to delegates in advance of Annual Meeting. 

Agenda for Preconvention Meetings:

The order of the agenda will be flexible.

  1. Opening Remarks: MTA President Max Page and MTA Vice President Deb McCarthy
  2. 2024 Annual Meeting format
    • What to expect leading up to Annual Meeting
    • Annual Meeting Special Rules, recommended by MTA Board of Directors
  3. Presentation on the Proposed Budget and the Dues for 2024-2025
  4. Proposed Amendments to the MTA Bylaws and Standing Rules
  5. Proposed Amendments to the MTA Resolutions
  6. Opportunity to hear from Candidates for MTA Offices

REMINDER: We welcome Annual Meeting volunteers to sign up at the precon by putting your name in the chat and letting us know you are willing to help. You can also email

Precon | April 8, 2024

Precon | April 10, 2024