Annual Meeting of Delegates 2020 special rules

Due to emergency declarations, Stay at Home Orders, and the impossibility of holding an in-person 2020 Delegate Meeting, the following Rules governing the virtual 2020 Delegate Meeting are recommended for adoption by the MTA Board of Directors, upon advice of MTA’s Legal Counsel and Parliamentarian (download a PDF of the special rules):

Rule 1. The Delegate Meeting order of business shall be limited to announcements, adoption of credentials report, adoption of special meeting rules, report of certified candidates, candidate speeches, elections for candidate offices, presentation of budget and vote, leadership reports, issues forum, recognition of awards, adoption of results of election, and closing comments.

Rule 2. The Delegate Meeting shall be conducted using the Zoom Web conferencing platform.

Rule 3. Participation during the Delegate Meeting shall be limited to delegates and authorized MTA staff or guests.

Rule 4. During the Issues Forum and Budget presentation, a 20-minute period of time will be available for delegates seeking recognition for comments or to ask a question. Delegates shall use the recognition feature of the Zoom platform and shall be recognized in order.

Rule 5. Upon recognition, any delegate shall identify themselves by stating their name and local.

Rule 6. No delegate shall speak more than once on the same item, nor longer than one (1) minute.

Rule 7. There shall be no yielding of the microphone or speaking time to another delegate.

Rule 8. Voting to adopt the preliminary credentials report, adopt the order of business, adopt special meeting rules, and act on the MTA Annual budget and the MTA PRO budget shall be conducted through the Zoom polling feature. Candidate elections shall be conducted using the Intellescan system. No other voting shall take place.

Rule 9. No motions shall be permitted from the floor.

Rule 10. Each candidate for President or Vice President, or designee, shall be given an opportunity to speak for five (5) minutes. Each candidate in a contested At-Large election, or designee, shall be given an opportunity to speak for three (3) minutes. Candidate speeches may be live or prerecorded.

Rule 11. No campaigning shall be allowed by any candidates or their supporters while elections are in progress.