How Much Are Your Students Owed?

How Much Are Your Students Owed?

Merrie Najimy

Merrie Najimy, President


With the Democratic State Convention and the MTA All Presidents’ Meeting taking place on Saturday, it’s a busy and important weekend for MTA leaders and labor and party activists. At both events, we’ll be talking up the Promise and Cherish acts and discussing how to bring the final victory home.

Time to Share FOF Graphics and Flyers

It is now 1,413 days since the Foundation Budget Review Commission said that our schools are underfunded, and still there’s no bill. We have produced social media graphics and flyers for members and coalition partners to download and share. Please find your district, spread the word about how much money your district would receive under the Promise Act, and urge your followers to let their legislators know that the time to act is NOW.

MTA Members Support Climate Strike

There is still time to figure out how to support students participating in the Global Climate Strike on September 20. MTA members who are joining Max and me at the Boston rally are invited to meet up outside our office at 20 Ashburton Place at 11 a.m. that day. From there we will walk to Boston City Hall Plaza behind the MTA banner.

During a member-led Tele-Town Hall last week, ideas about other ways to support the students — as young as those in preschool and as old as those attending a university — included going on a nature walk, organizing a field trip to the Boston rally, talking about the issue in class, and agreeing not to give any homework or tests on that day so that students who do leave school will not be penalized.

The Town Hall article includes links to a teachers’ toolkit and other information. Members with questions for the MTA’s Legal Services Division should send an email to Those who want to learn more about working with other members concerned about this issue should contact Fall River educator Kurt Ostrow at

Did Your School Committee Act?

Next week we will be releasing details about the growing number of school committees and municipal governing boards that have passed resolutions in favor of the funding increases included in the Promise Act. If your school committee isn’t on the list, please use the materials on this web page and ask the officials to act. If they have already passed a resolution, ask them to let your local legislators know why they did so.

Funding Lawsuit Moves Forward

The Council for Fair School Finance, of which the MTA is a leading member, served papers on state education officials last week, taking the school funding lawsuit to the next level. New England Public Radio — NEPR — aired a really good story on why a Chicopee parent signed on to the lawsuit.

Open Bargaining Leads to Victory in Haverhill

The Haverhill Education Association is one of several MTA locals opening up their bargaining to their members, and the HEA’s efforts have paid off. The HEA posted this comment on Facebook: “When we fight, we win! Thanks to all of the #HEArtOfHaverhill members who stood out, spoke up, and advocated to get us to this point!” Some details about the success are in this WHAV news account. Congratulations, HEA!

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