Background on Teacher Leadership Institute

Long-Term Goals

Teacher Leadership Institute Fellowship

Leadership is not a responsibility we leave to others; leadership is inherent in the professional work of teachers. Leadership takes a variety of forms for teachers today, and the Teacher Leadership Institute supports teacher-leaders in becoming more expert and confident at leading in the current education environment.

The National Education Association and state and local affiliates, in partnership with the Center for Teaching Quality are proud to offer a professional growth opportunity designed to grow the skills and enhance the experiences of teacher-leaders looking to expand their impact. The Institute offers a blended learning path addressing association leadership, instructional leadership, advocacy and policy leadership and social justice competencies.

Beginning this September, NEA’s 2019-2020 Teacher Leadership Institute fellowship will launch. Teachers will work in cohorts of approximately 30-35 colleagues. They will engage face-to-face and online in a customized curriculum exploring leadership in all of its facets. Virtual learning will be focused on two overarching Teacher Leadership competencies, one Pathway specific competency and one social justice competency. The fellowship will culminate in capstone portfolio projects designed by the TLI fellows to address existing policy challenges in their districts and communities. Fellows may earn micro-credentials via a formative process which focuses on mastery of singular competencies to enhance their resumes.

Fellows will be guided by other accomplished teacher-leaders from their state, as well as by content experts with a range of experiences from the two partner organizations. At the completion of the year, fellows will have gained new, unparalleled leadership expertise and experience. TLI fellows will be uniquely prepared for leadership roles in their association, in the policy-making arenas and in their profession.

The 2018-2019 TLI Fellows had their first face-to-face meeting on Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018. (Continental breakfast and lunch included, as well as reimbursement for mileage and tolls.)

The second face-to-face meeting was held on Friday, March 22 and Saturday, March 23, 2019 at the Publick House in Sturbridge, MA. Rooms, all meals, mileage and tolls were included.

The final face-to-face meeting is scheduled for Saturday, June 15 at the Hampton Inn, Natick MA. All meals, mileage and tolls will be included.

Massachusetts participants are supported by Linda Davin of NEA's Teacher Quality Division, Gary Gilardi of MTA's Center for Policy and Practice and MTA state coaches Mary Chamberlain, Karen Albano and Jessica Haralson