MTA Union News: YES on Questions 1 & 4

MTA Union News: YES on Questions 1 & 4

The MTA has long supported driver’s licenses for every resident, no matter how they become our neighbors. It is good for the safety of our roads. It is good for our economy because it allows everyone to get to work. It is also ethically the right position to take. That’s why the MTA supports Question 4 on the ballot on Nov. 8: It will reaffirm the law we helped pass this past spring.

As for Question 1, It is 42 days until Election Day! We need every member to take part in at least one Question 1 campaign activity. They are all listed here.

MTA Events

  • Student Debt Deadline: MTA members have only until the end of October to take advantage of several important changes to college debt relief. The NEA has provided helpful information on the recent student debt cancellation victory, as well as on deadlines for applying for some or all of your Public Service Loan Forgiveness debt to be wiped away. MTA Benefits is continuing its free seminars for members about how to take advantage of the new developments.
  • EMAC Conference: The MTA’s Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee is excited to host the annual Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee Conference in person Dec. 2-3. EMAC is requesting proposals that amplify the committee’s mission and purpose and incorporate this year’s theme: “From the roots up, shifting our culture with your union power, it starts with you.” More information will be available soon on the MTA website.

Solidarity Actions and Victories

  • Haverhill students walked out of school and have attended open bargaining in support of the educators of their community.
  • Starbucks workers at the Commonwealth Avenue store were on strike for 24 hours a day for 64 days. We had a chance to visit them on Labor Day and offer our support. And last week — they won!
  • The steady work continues, local by local, to lift the earnings of Education Support Professionals closer and closer to a true living wage. The Norton Teachers Association won a strong contract that included raises for paraprofessionals ranging from 17 percent to 31 percent over three years, depending on the step they were on.

Political Education

We urge you to look at coverage in The New York Times about the purposes of education. We don’t necessarily agree with all of the conclusions presented, but the range of articles — and podcasts — are worth the time to consider, given the broad hopes and goals we all have for a public education for all of our students.

In solidarity,

Max and Deb

mta united with starbucks workers