How to Obtain Legal Services from MTA

The process for obtaining legal services from MTA involves local leaders and MTA field representatives working together with the Division of Legal Services.

Many members identify as "legal issues" problems which are actually issues under the collective bargaining agreement, or even difficulties at work which require assistance from the local but are not contract issues.

For this reason, the procedure for obtaining legal services starts with the local president and field representative, because working together, local leaders and their MTA field representatives are able to solve appropriately many of the problems members have.

If local leaders, in consultation with their MTA field representative, wish to request legal services, the local president fills out a request for legal services (called a "green sheet" - yes, it's green in color, however, the copy you print from the web site won't be, unless you print it on green paper.) describing the issue.

The green sheet is reviewed and signed by the field representative and the MTA regional manager and is forwarded to the Division of Legal Services. The green sheet should include as detailed a description of the dispute as possible, as well as all relevant documents. The more information we have, the greater will be our understanding of the situation and our ability to assist expeditiously and efficiently.

Requests for legal services are sent to the Division of Legal Services and reviewed to make sure the requirements of the Legal Services Policy have been met.

First, the Division Coordinator checks to make sure that, where the request is for an attorney to be assigned to an individual, the individual is a member of the MTA.

The Legal Services Policy requires that an applicant for legal services have become a member of the local, MTA and NEA prior to January 1 of the membership year in which services are being requested.

After we check membership, the General Counsel reviews requests to assure that the services requested are covered by the Legal Services Policy and assigns an attorney. Members and locals then are sent letters from the General Counsel providing the name of the assigned attorney.

If legal services are denied, the General Counsel sends a letter explaining why and describing the appeal process provided under the Legal Services Policy.

Legal Services Policy Membership Requirements