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MTA is requiring all participants – members, presenters, staff, and guests – to provide evidence of vaccination and a negative COVID test taken within 48 hours of arrival at U Mass Amherst. We are using the ReturnSafe App to collect this information and to make your arrival on campus as quick and efficient as possible.

You must load your information (including a picture of your negative COVID test) onto the app BEFORE YOU ARRIVE. Events staff will verify your “cleared for entry” status on your cell phone on site. Failure to load and populate the app will delay your entry.

Please follow these simple steps to install and use the ReturnSafe App  returnsafe logo

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When you arrive on site, a staff member at registration will be checking the app. Please have it readily available. Need help?


Summer Confrence covid-19 guidelines

FAQ about ReturnSafe, MTA’s COVID Screening Application

Q: What does the ReturnSafe app do?
A: The app is a quick way for each participant to demonstrate compliance with MTA’s COVID-19 protocols. Through the app, each delegate can answer screening questions about possible COVID exposure, and load copies of vaccination records and negative testing.

Q: Is a rapid test acceptable to show a negative COVID result, or must it be a PCR test?
A: A rapid antigen self-test is all that’s required.

Q: Where can I get a rapid antigen test?
A: Rapid at-home tests are reimbursable through many insurance plans and are widely available in most pharmacies and grocery stores.

Q: When do I have to take a test?
A: Take your test at home before you leave for the Annual Meeting. You can then post it onto the ReturnSafe app. Your test must have been administered within 48 hours of your arrival at UMass Amherst. We need to ensure the safety and health of our members and assigned staff.

Q: What is an acceptable form of "proof" of a negative test?
A: By using MTA’s ReturnSafe app, you will be able to download your vaccination card and proof of a negative test. If for some reason you don’t use the app, please be prepared for a long wait. Individuals who are cleared by the app need only to bring their phones and show the “Cleared for Entry” screen at registration.

Q: What if someone has tested positive for COVID within 90 days? These results can show up as a positive despite not being infectious. Will a "90 Day Recovered" letter from a medical provider be acceptable in lieu of a test that may yield a false positive?
A: We require a negative rapid antigen test. A 90-Day Recovery Letter provides limited assurance as it only concerns the unlikeliness of the individual being reinfected by the same variant. With the multiple variants floating around, we are moving anyone who tests positive to virtual participation.

Q: Do we need to carry our vaccination card with us, or will a photo of it suffice?
A: Please load a photo of your vaccination record onto the app.

Q: Why do we have to check everyone’s vaccine records?
A: MTA has adopted this app as the quickest and easiest way to ensure the safety of all participants. MTA is committed to providing a safe experience for all, including those who may be immunocompromised or otherwise at higher risk from COVID-19.

Q: Will my data be shared with others?
A: Any data captured by ReturnSafe is stored in an encrypted, HIPAA and SOC2 Type II compliant data store, and is accessible only to designated administrators. We do not share data with third parties.

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