NEA RA Guest Registration 2024

NEA Members are very welcome to attend the RA and watch the proceedings. NEA Members are not considered guests, they are Members and will be able to register themselves on-site at the convention center starting on July 3rd. They will receive NEA Members badges that will allow them access to the delegate experience area and the guest areas of the RA Floor.  

Guests are family members and friends of Delegates, Members and Staff. They too may attend the RA, but they cannot register independently. All guests must be entered as part of the Delegate, NEA Member or Association Staff registration process. The badges for the guests will only be handed to the sponsoring Delegate, NEA Member or Staff Person, who will be responsible for the behavior of their guests.

NOTE: Only NEA RA Delegates and Association Staff will be able to register before we arrive on site. Registration for all opens on July 3rd at 9:00 AM.