MTA delegate funding information

Please refer to the link below for the 2022 NEA-RA Funding Memo for delegates. Links are also provided for the appropriate expense voucher forms (one for in-person delegates, and one for remote/virtual delegates).

In-person delegates will receive funding from MTA up to $1600 for Statewide, Regional, and Retired Delegates and up to $600 for Local Delegates. Refer to the funding memo for details on what those funds are to cover and the requirement to submit the voucher and receipts, or those funds will be reported to the IRS as taxable income. Voucher is attached.

In-person delegates must submit the following online at this time:

Please click on the links above to submit these required forms in order for the funding to be dispersed to you from MTA.

Remote delegates, please use the voucher supplied to submit for meal reimbursement according to the instructions in the attached funding memo. (The above online forms should not be submitted if you are a remote delegate.)

In all cases, MTA’s funding is subject to meeting accountability. The accountability system for the NEA‐RA requires that all delegates attend at least 75% (six sessions) of the eight sessions of the four-day NEA‐RA meeting. Those six sessions must include at least one session from each of the four days of the NEA‐RA meeting in order to receive the MTA stipend.

Important Downloads: