1. Know Your Rights: Presentation on the new Public Sector Occupational Safety & Health Law
  2. The Department of Labor Standards (DLS) of Massachusetts promotes and protects workers' safety/health, wages, and working conditions. The DLS Workplace Safety and Health Program (WSHP) goals are to prevent workplace injury and illness of public sector workers.
    To file a complaint about a health and safety issue, download this form. See the DLS website for additional resources.
  3. Building checklist for Higher Ed is being updated and will be available soon.
  4. NEA has a collection of resources including model bargaining language, your rights at work, equity and support for families, and a facebook group for Educators Navigating COVID.
  5. MTA is a member of MassCOSH
  6. Recommended Safety Measures from the MTA Environmental Health & Safety Committee for PreK-12 Schools and Higher Education Buildings
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Coronavirus and Schools

Resources for MTA members on health and safety, funding, reopening policies and more.

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Fighting for education's share of funding flowing into state

Schools and colleges have urgent needs

Covid Return Fall 2021 Bargaining Alert

<p>This MTA Bargaining Alert addresses the scope of the DESE Guidance for Districts and Schools.<svg class="icon inline icon__before"><use xmlns:xlink="" xlink:href="#lock"></use></svg></p>

Checklist for In-Person Learning

A list of questions to help ensure the safest possible environment for in-person learning.

Building Safety Checklist

A list of preparations to incorporate with your local association's building safety plan.

Information Request/Demand to Bargain

<p>Request form based on MGL ch. 150E. <svg class="icon inline icon__before"><use xmlns:xlink="" xlink:href="#lock"></use></svg></p>