MTA Today: A breaking point for public educators?

MTA Today: A breaking point for public educators?

Mental Health: Students & educators are under pressure

MTA Today Winter 2024

Educators in Massachusetts are speaking out. Many now have working conditions that are compounding the stress of their jobs. Educators say they need more support for students who are struggling, including behaviorally, and they need more recognition of their own needs. The winter edition of MTA Today includes several articles that are focused on the topic of mental wellness and support. Locals are organizing around demands for school-based improvements, including more counselors and Education Support Professionals. Educators say they want state and local officials to listen to the experts, the people who work in schools and on campuses.

Addressing mental health in education

Contract fights lift wages, profile of Education Support Professionals

MTA Today

New contracts that emerged in Newton and Andover have greater protections and benefits, as well as higher salaries, for paraeducators, who have long worked for pay that does not match the expense of living in or near these communities.

Newton and Andover deliver higher wages for ESPs

Cherish Act is coming to your city or town

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Communities throughout Massachusetts are signing resolutions to support the major planks of the Cherish Act, which would expand support to public higher education.

Cherish Act Update

Thrive Act Would Replace MCAS With Comprehensive Evaluation

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The legislative effort to replace the MCAS-based high school graduation requirement and prevent state takeovers has moved to a phase of member action. Legislators are receiving messages on the Thrive Act from MTA members and allies.

Support for the Thrive Act is building