Summer of strikes: Standing together with our union siblings

Summer of strikes: Standing together with our union siblings

MTA members at UPS practice picket line
MTA members joined a practice picket line for Teamsters UPS workers in Lynnfield last week. From left to right, Miranda Alpert, Wellesley; Peggy Wang, Mass. State College Association; Becky Johnson, Medford; and Deb Gesualdo, Malden. The workers settled their contract on July 25 and avoided a strike.

It's time to show solidarity with our fellow union members

The MTA is more than just our 115,000 members. We are part of a national, even global, labor movement advocating for fairness, dignity and equitable conditions for workers everywhere.

Right now, two major unions need our support.

SAG-AFTRA, the face and voice of Hollywood, comprised of actors, performers, broadcasters and recording artists, and the Writers Guild of America, the creative minds behind our favorite TV shows and movies, are fighting back against the same greedy, multibillion-dollar juggernauts of Hollywood (Amazon, Netflix, Disney and Apple). These streaming giants saw their bottom lines skyrocket during the pandemic.

Actors and writers are asking for fair compensation and essential benefits, including access to health care, as well as safeguards in how artificial intelligence is used, among other demands.


Writers Guild of America