MTA Union News: Let’s Make Sure We Win

MTA Union News: Let’s Make Sure We Win


We are one week from Election Day and the chance to pass the Fair Share Amendment, guaranteeing $2 billion a year dedicated to public education, from preK through higher ed, and transportation.

Check out the Yes on Question 1 campaign’s final ad, which is now on the air. We believe it captures the importance of passing the FSA.

The fact that we are within striking distance of achieving what five other efforts over the past half century have tried to do – make the state income tax system fairer – is due in large measure to your commitment as individuals and locals and ours, together, as the MTA.

Let’s make sure we win. Please join your first phone bank or door-to-door canvass, or, if you are a regular, please take on just one more “get out the vote” event.

All of the information for volunteering in this crucial final week is on our website.

We want to remind you as well that the MTA strongly supports Question 4, the driver's license measure.

And we have supported a host of legislative and statewide candidates who have stood with us in the past and promise to continue to stand with us on issues that matter to our members. It is our role to get them elected – and then make sure they honor their commitments.

We want to especially lift up Attorney General Maura Healey for governor and Diana DiZoglio for state auditor. DiZoglio, who has stood with our members time and again when they fought for fair contracts, most recently in Haverhill, is facing a Republican with concerning stances on the issues and, according to NBC 10 Boston’s investigative piece and a Globe follow-up, a past involving troubling allegations.

And take a moment to take a look at our video message to get the word out: Let’s win Question 1 on Nov. 8.

In solidarity,

Max and Deb