MTA strongly supports BEU in fight for fair contract

MTA strongly supports BEU in fight for fair contract

MTA President Merrie Najimy and Vice President Max Page issued the following statement today:

The MTA strongly supports the members of the Brookline Educators Union in their fight for a fair contract. We call on the Brookline School Committee to engage in productive bargaining and resolve all of the issues so that our members can focus on the thing that matters most — providing a high-quality education to every student in every school.

BEU members are approaching their third year of working without a contract. A fatiguing pattern of never-ending bargaining has set in, indicative of an environment where educators’ concerns and needs — which reflect those of the students and the community — are being ignored.

With their delays and unwillingness to take seriously educators’ concerns about working conditions and racial justice, the members of the School Committee have sent a clear message: We do not value the educators who teach our students.

The members of the Brookline Educators Union are fighting for their students and for public school educators across this Commonwealth who are feeling disparaged and disregarded. The MTA stands firmly with them in their demands to be fairly compensated, to have sufficient time to plan and collaborate with colleagues, and to advocate for antiracist schools.