Take action to stop the MCAS for 2020-2021

Take action to stop the MCAS for 2020-2021

Cancel MCAS

Urgent! You can take action right away to stop MCAS testing this year. Contact your state representative to urge the Legislature to pass Amendment #460 (COVID-19 MCAS Cancellation) to the state budget. The amendment would immediately cancel the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System exams for the 2020-2021 school year — amid the coronavirus pandemic — and waive the MCAS requirement that current high school seniors must have passed the test to graduate in the spring.

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education intends to have schools begin administering the MCAS tests in mid-January. This disruptive and misguided plan must be stopped immediately. Representative Marjorie Decker has filed an amendment to the state budget that will be voted on as soon as this coming Monday.

Please contact your state representative NOW and ask him or her to support Amendment #460 to cancel the MCAS for this year.

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