Make Your Voice Count for Public Education

Make Your Voice Count for Public Education

2020 General Election Guide

MTA-Recommended Candidates in the 2020 General Election

Before you vote, check out the MTA Election Guide with recommended candidates for President and Vice President, U.S. Senate and House, and the Massachusetts Senate and House of Representatives.

Yes on 2

The MTA is recommending a “yes” vote on the ballot initiative calling for ranked-choice voting to be implemented in Massachusetts..

At its meeting on Oct. 17, the association’s Board of Directors voted to support the measure.

The initiative, Question 2 on this year’s state ballot, would implement a system in which voters rank one or more candidates by order of preference. Votes would be counted in rounds, eliminating candidates with the lowest votes until one candidate has received a majority.

Ranked-choice voting would be used in primary and general elections for all Massachusetts statewide offices, state legislative offices, federal congressional offices, and certain other offices after Jan. 1, 2022. It would not be used in elections for president, county commissioner or regional district school committee member.

MTA Election Guide