MTA Today: Coalitions Help Build Union Power

MTA Today: Coalitions Help Build Union Power

Local associations are joining forces to build their power statewide. Recently, coalition representatives from the Southeastern and Western regions of the state met at the MTA Union Skills Winter Conference and discussed their successes in pushing back charter schools, protecting access to health care, and showing up for each other’s contract actions. Meanwhile, members and special guests celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee with a video tribute to EMAC and a conference focused on education, love and the fight for racial justice. And the campaign to pass the Cherish Act, a bill reversing decades of cuts to public higher education, has hit full throttle now that the Student Opportunity Act, a new law providing $2 billion to preK-12 schools, has been signed. Also in this issue you will find a preview of the MTA ESP Conference, coverage of the MTA Higher Education Conference, and much more.

Featured stories include:

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