Urgent: Tell your representative to support education bill

Urgent: Tell your representative to support education bill

The Student Opportunity Act will bring $1.5 billion in new state funds to public school districts annually. We are one more step closer to winning the final bill, but we still need your activism to pass not just a good bill, but the bill our students deserve!

The state House of Representatives is voting on Wednesday, Oct. 23, on the bill and amendments. The MTA and our coalition partners support Amendment #55, filed by Rep. Jim Hawkins, which provides more local parent and educator input into public school spending and maintains local control of our public schools. Please ask your state representative to support Amendment #55 and then support the Student Opportunity Act.

Join MTA President Merrie Najimy and Vice President Max Page at the State House for this historic vote if you can. Wear a red T-shirt and share images on social media.

Members can meet up at the Bowdoin Street entrance at 10:45 a.m. and walk in together. Come whenever you can and meet other MTA members on the third floor outside the House chamber. Typically, debates and votes on big bills like this one go all afternoon. Lunch will be available at the MTA’s office on the third floor of 20 Ashburton Place.

Our message is simple: Support Amendment #55 and then pass the Student Opportunity Act. Our students can’t wait!