Don’t fall for the anti-union AAE scam!

Don’t fall for the anti-union AAE scam!

Educators have alerted us that a national anti-union organization, the Association of American Educators, has been posting messages on MTA members’ social media accounts urging them to quit their union and join the AAE instead.

Don’t fall for it!

The AAE is backed by the right-wing Walton Family Foundation and foundations funded by the Kochs, the Coors family and other infamous anti-union interests.

The AAE has worked in tandem with the National Right to Work Foundation and other right-wing groups, including Massachusetts’ Pioneer Institute, to attack the rights of educators and other public employees. This latest solicitation is clearly trying to take advantage of the end of “agency fee” requirements after the Janus decision.

The AAE is NOT a union and does not collectively bargain contracts on behalf of members. It also does not provide nearly as many other services as your union provides to you. Please don’t fall for the group’s solicitation — and let your colleagues know this is a scam intended to weaken our collective power.