MTA Staff By Location

MTA Headquarters (Quincy)

2 Heritage Drive, 8th Floor, Quincy, MA 02171
Name Location Title
Adams, Ashley Field and Organizing Division New Member Organizer
Ali, Quesiyah Legal Services Staff Counsel
Avila, Carlos Communications Interactive Media Developer & Strategist
Ba, Abdou Human Resources Benefit Specialist
Balfour, Kevin Printing & Mailing Printer
Barrett, Laura Communications Communications Specialist
Barrett, Sean Higher Education Field Representative
Berger, Noah Center for Education Policy and Practice Education Research and Policy Specialist
Bethea, Vickey Information Technology Services Systems Support Specialist
Brown, Peter Finance & Accounting Accounts Receivable Membership Clerk
Callahan, Daniel Training & Professional Learning TPL Specialist
Carey, Nancy Finance & Accounting Senior Accounting Clerk/Accounts Receivable
Cassiani, Carolyn MTA Benefits Marketing Manager
Castillo, Yolanda Legal Services Administrative Assistant
Conley, Jean Communications Editor / Writer
Connelly, John Governance & Administration Governance Specialist
Conti, Jonathan Legal Services Staff Counsel
Conway, Kathleen Finance & Accounting Director
Coolong, Glenn Information Technology Services Director
Crowley, Harold Retired Members Services Retirement Consultant
DaSilva, Angelica Field and Organizing Division Data Specialist
Degregorio, Joshua Communications Graphic Designer
Dias, Anthony Finance & Accounting Accounts Receivable Membership Clerk
Duffy, Bob Communications Communications Specialist
Dunn, Ryan Legal Services Staff Counsel
Dunn, Stephen Finance & Accounting Administrative Accountant
D'Urso, Katie Higher Education Field Representative
Earlywine, Carla Finance & Accounting Senior Accounting Clerk / Payables
Fadel, Mike Field and Organizing Division Director
Fitzgerald, David Printing & Mailing Printer
Gallatin, Lisa Executive Director-Treasurer Executive Director-Treasurer
Gatewood, Renee Field and Organizing Division Coordinator
Gilardi, Gary Center for Education Policy and Practice Education Policy Specialist
Gilgallon, Mary Governance & Administration Director
Gilmore, Amanda Governance & Administration Governance Assistant
Halbert, Kristen Training & Professional Learning Training Specialist
Hickernell, Mark Legal Services Staff Counsel
Houle, Laurie Legal Services Staff Counsel
Huang, Renee Finance & Accounting Accounts Receivable Membership Clerk
Hunter, Patricia Higher Education Coordinator
Ibanez, Sarah Training & Professional Learning Coordinator
James, Roberta Higher Education Field Representative
Johnston, Donna MTA Benefits Assistant to the President
Jones, Matthew Legal Services Staff Counsel
Joyce, Lauren Field and Organizing Division Membership Data Strategist
Kelley, Sarah Legal Services Paralegal
Kenney, Mary Legal Services Billing Specialist & Legal Secretary
Langer, Irina MTA Benefits Sr. Accounting Clerk / Budget Specialist
LaPenn, Heather Higher Education Field Representative
Lax, Danielle MTA Benefits Marketing Assistant
Leach, Ryan Legal Services Deputy General Counsel
Lenihan, Catherine Finance & Accounting Manager of Membership & Affiliate Financial Services
MacDonald, Mary Communications Writer/Editor
MacDougall, Jennifer Legal Services Staff Counsel
Maguire, Ann Finance & Accounting Controller
Makuch, Audra Field and Organizing Division ESP Organizer
McClory, Paul Grassroots Campaigns Director
McDonald, Susan MTA Benefits Systems Support Specialist
McLennan, Scott Communications Communications Specialist
McNeil, Bob Printing & Mailing Coordinator
Meegan, Tara Legal Services Legal Secretary
Miyares, Beverly Center for Education Policy and Practice Director
Morrissey, Janice Communications Staff Assistant
Mullane, Richard Legal Services Staff Counsel
Mullen, Laura Governance & Administration Executive Assistant
Murph-Brown, Audrey Training & Professional Learning Director
Nagle, Kathleen Legal Services Paralegal
Najimy, Merrie President President
Nathan, Sarah Communications Web Content Manager
Ng, Jonathan Communications Communication Specialist
Odoms, Cynthia MTA Benefits Member Service Representative
Page, Max Vice President Vice President
Robinson, Maryann MTA Benefits President
Rose, Eileen Finance & Accounting Director of Finance
Sacks, James Communications Director / Editor
Santana, Allison Finance & Accounting Accounts Receivable/Membership Clerk
Santiago, Catherine Higher Education Field Representative
Seferian, Bret Higher Education Field Representative
Shaw, Jen Human Resources Human Resource Director
Shukan, Nancy Finance & Accounting Financial Reporting Accountant
Silva, Duane Finance & Accounting Sr. Payroll Specialist
Stern, Miles Higher Education Field Representative
Tran, Chi Printing & Mailing Printer
Tripathi, Elizabeth Center for Education Policy and Practice Education Policy Specialist
Wall, Suzanne Higher Education Director
Walter, Ashley Legal Services Staff Counsel
Warren, Timothy Grassroots Campaigns Coordinator
Whalen, Robert Field and Organizing Division Retired and Student Member Organizer
Williams-Gaye, Cynthia Training & Professional Learning Coordinator
Yee, Rebecca Legal Services General Counsel