Retired Members Committee

The Retired Members Committee establishes opportunities for retired members to address and pursue issues of common concern. It creates avenues to safeguard and strengthen retirement benefits and makes recommendations to the association on such issues. Provides forums for information sharing, establishes involvement in the election of pro-education candidates to public office and lobbies for educational measures in support of public education. It coordinates communications with Retired District Delegates and retired members.

Committee Members

Chair: Patrick Patterson, Ipswich

Maureen Colgan Posner, Springfield
Kip Fonsh, Leverett
Shelly Fraser, Framingham
Ora Gladstone, Granville
Kathy Greeley, Cambridge
Joe Herosy, Quincy
Andrei Joseph, Chestnut Hill
Rick Last, Northampton
Dale Melcher, Northampton
Bernadette Murphy, Roslindale
Phyllis Neufeld, Burlington
Robin Smith, Springfield
Amy Wolpin, Florence

Staff Consultant: Lisa Lemieux,

Staff Assistant:

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