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Principles for Reopening

The MTA has issued its principles for school reopening: Reopening and Reimagining Our Public Schools: Directives for the State and Guidelines for Educators and Their Unions.

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statewide mta member meeting
Statewide Virtual Meeting

View the MTA membership meeting on the need for a safe resumption of learning in our public schools and colleges.

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Coronavirus Information

We've compiled a list of resources and answers to frequently asked questions about the coronavirus.

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Education Justice is Racial Justice

Rallying for the Schools Our Students Deserve

Hundreds rally in Randolph after the district hands down devastating staff cuts that hit counseling, music, arts and physical education.

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  • “Any elected official who mandates the re-opening of schools without offering a real plan for financing the mandate is simply pushing for catastrophic failure.” twitter.com/massteacher

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  • “It feels as though we're kind of walking this line of pushing to make things work rather than necessarily going with what's safe.” — Worcester School Committee member Tracy O’Connell Novick facebook.com/massteacher

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  • Educators get the job done. These impressive Everett educators raised $10,000 — that’s a big number! —for the Everett Grace Food Pantry. Pictured are Everett Teachers Assn. leaders and members Randy Boudreau, Tammy Turner, Stacy Poste-Schiavo and Irene Carillo, who runs the food pantry. instagram.com/massteacher

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Remote start is strongly favored

Nine out of 10 Massachusetts parents are concerned that students will catch and spread COVID-19 if school buildings reopen as scheduled.

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View the MTA statewide virtual meeting

See the full conversation that took place during the MTA’s July 29 statewide membership meeting on the need for a safe resumption of learning in our public schools and colleges.

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Educators gain 10 days to plan resumption of learning

The state’s educator unions reached an agreement with the DESE that reduces the student school year to 170 days to give educators crucially important time to plan.

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