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'Cherish' Public Higher Ed

Learn about the Cherish Act, which calls for increased funding for our public colleges and universities and freezing of tuition and fees.

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Betsy DeVos says "Trust me."
DeVos' Anti-Union Crusade

Guess who wants you to drop your union membership? People who don't have your best interests in mind.

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Union Power

This is what a union looks like!

Wakefield educators give bargaining team members a rousing welcome as they head to a negotiating session.

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Cherish Act would relieve higher ed crisis

Activists told their personal stories, putting human faces on the funding crisis in public higher education.

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MTA Today: Coalitions build union power

Locals are joining forces to build power statewide — and members are uniting to demand fairness for ESPs.

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Ed funding plaintiffs will remain vigilant

Parents are dropping their lawsuit but will monitor Student Opportunity Act funding for seven years.

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