fund our future
Fund Our Future

We're making progress in the fight for the funding that our students, educators and communities deserve.

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Raise Up MA

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Betsy DeVos says "Trust me."
DeVos' Anti-Union Crusade

Guess who wants you to drop your union membership? People who don't have your best interests in mind.

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MTA members are #allin

Summer Member Organizing

Hats off to Springfield educator Theresa Bryant and the dozens of other MTA members who went door to door to hear what fellow educators had to say about Fund Our Future and a wide range of issues vital to their students and the union.

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News & Events
MTA endorses student-led Climate Strike

MTA members are gearing up to support the student-led Global Climate Strike on September 20.

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Education unions taking action on opioid epidemic

A Bristol-Plymouth teacher led the effort to get information to educators and students.

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We have won our first Fund Our Future victory

Because of our effective advocacy, the state budget puts a foundation in place for more equitably funded public schools, particularly in low-income communities.

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