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Fund Our Future

We're making progress in the fight for the funding that our students, educators and communities deserve.

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Betsy DeVos says "Trust me."
DeVos' Anti-Union Crusade

Guess who wants you to drop your union membership? People who don't have your best interests in mind.

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It's Time to #FundOurFuture

Educators Speak Out

Legislators must pass education funding bills. Our students cannot wait any longer.

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News & Events
We have won our first Fund Our Future victory

Because of our effective advocacy, the state budget puts a foundation in place for more equitably funded public schools, particularly in low-income communities.

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Funding lawsuit: State’s failure hurts students

Parents, local leaders make case that officials ignore constitutional mandate to fund quality education for all.

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Thousands rally to support public education

Educators, parents and students demand passage of Fund Our Future legislation.

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