Student Opportunity Act funds
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Take a look at our interactive map to see funding projections for your community under the Student Opportunity Act.

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Betsy DeVos says "Trust me."
DeVos' Anti-Union Crusade

Guess who wants you to drop your union membership? People who don't have your best interests in mind.

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When your student becomes a teacher ...

High school teacher Alex Gearty recently got the chance to thank her third-grade teacher.

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  • Have an annoying relative who equates teaching to babysitting? Don't leave home without this list of comebacks to crazy comments about teaching. You never know when you may need it this holiday season.

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  • The Student Opportunity Act is now LAW! How much will your district gain in state education aid? We've created a map with projected increases in Chapter 70 public school funding for public school districts across the state.

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  • Support My Students! I Should Be Able to Support My Family! Members of the #Greenfield Education Association are picketing outside the polls today to draw attention to the city’s failure to implement a new contract with classroom paraprofessionals.

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Education funding bill signed into law

Public education activists celebrated as the Student Opportunity Act was signed into law.

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Dedham strike ends with a contract

The pressure to settle a contract had been building for nearly two years when Dedham educators went on strike.

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Read the latest MTA Today

Hot off the presses! MTA members are pushing for change — and they are getting results.

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