AG Healey issues guidance on education and immigration

AG Healey issues guidance on education and immigration

Even if a child is in the United States illegally, the nation’s public schools cannot deny that child access to public education. Immigration status doesn’t count, as the U.S. Supreme Court made clear in Plyler v. Doe in 1982.

That is how important public education is.

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey has issued an advisory to the schools on education and immigration. We urge you to read it here.

Schools must be safe havens for all students and families regardless of national origin or citizenship. However, actions by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have created a climate of fear in our immigrant communities, and that fear has entered our schools. Some students have even expressed fears of literally being snatched out of school.

As an educator, how do you nurture, nourish and support your students and their families? What would you do if you received a call or a visit from an immigration official?

We urge you to work with your local association to make sure your school district is doing all it should to “cherish” education — as it is commanded to do under the Massachusetts Constitution — for all students.

Read AG Maura Healey's Advisory