Recruitment Tools for New Members

We've compiled helpful resources and tools for MTA local association leaders to use to recruit new members.

Recruitment Resources

Why Should Someone Join Your Union?

Think about the shared interests and values that exist within your current membership and consider how that informs the work of your union. It is important to do some strategic thinking around what your local union is about so you can create a set of talking points to use in recruitment conversations.

Brainstorm the components of your local’s B.R.A.G. Go beyond generic points, such as “we defend you when you are in trouble” or “we bargain the contract.” Instead, highlight specific contract victories. These might include raises, job protections, professional advancement opportunities and other accomplishments.

What did your local union accomplish in recent years? Did you stop an administrator from overstepping and violating something in the contract? Talk about it! Finally, where are you headed? What goals does the union have? Explain how those goals reflect the interests of as many members and potential members as possible.

Make sure all of your “recruiters” have a copy of your B.R.A.G. and understand how and when to tailor elements of it for conversations with members.

Last, be creative. Use one-to-one conversations as the bedrock of your membership drive, but follow up with social media, videos, GIFs, or other creative ways to make your membership drive new and exciting. Consider recording your local president describing parts of your B.R.A.G. message and sending it around.

Tools for Signing Up Members

Signing Up New Members

This guide is a tool to help MTA locals sign up and involve all new hires, so that they may become active members of our union.

Signing Up New Members