Engaged Classrooms: A Four-Day Institute

Earn PDPs or Graduate Credit

This 25-hour institute is designed for early-career and experienced teachers in grades 7 through 12, instructional coaches and department heads responsible for supporting teacher growth and development, and assistant principals.

Participants will receive two free publications from Engaging Schools, and create multiple products that could be entered as evidence for evaluation purposes.

Participants may earn up to 28 PDPs for free or 2 graduate credits from Fitchburg State University for $255. (Payable to FSU. Enrollment materials will be available at the first session.)

Space for this MTA Four-Day Institute is limited. Therefore, we ask all registrants to thoughtfully commit themselves to their attendance or to cancel their registration so space can be given to another member.

Primary Goals

  1. Strong and Caring Teacher Presence: A growing understanding of the ways in which our mental models, backgrounds, and experiences influence our daily decisions in the classroom.
  2. Personalized Relationships: A deeper understanding of cultural and developmental competency, its impact on adolescent learning, and a set of core personalization strategies.
  3. Instructional Organization: A range of research-based strategies, procedures and routines to support a safe, orderly and cohesive classroom learning environment.
  4. Engaging and Rigorous Learning Protocols: An understanding of how to incorporate independent think time and purposeful social interaction in ways that foster students’ academic, emotional, and behavioral engagement.
  5. Unit Planning Structures: A process and structure to organize and design a unit to provide equitable access to a rigorous academic program.
  6. Academic and Behavioral Supports and Interventions: A core set of Tier 1 universal supports for all students and Tier 2 interventions for those students who continue to struggle in order to close academic gaps and ensure student success for each and every student.
  7. Restorative and Accountable Discipline: A preventative, problem-solving and restorative approach to classroom discipline that is aligned with the school’s vision to support students’ social and emotional learning and development.
  8. Collegial Collaboration: A core set of strategies to support effective teaming to collect data on implementation of core practices, a protocol to analyze data trends, and a systematic process to prioritize instructional direction to support teacher practice and student success.

Engaging Schools

The Massachusetts Teachers Association’s Division of Training & Professional Learning, with the support of a grant from the NEA is proud to partner with Engaging Schools to offer their four-day Engaged Classrooms Institute to MTA members for free.

Engaged Classrooms: A Four-Day Institute

April 16-19

Educational Association of Worcester
397 Grove Street, #1 | Worcester, MA

Led by Engaging Schools instructor Naomi Migliacci.

Free to attend; Graduate credit available for a fee.

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