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Name one resource/support that state officials need to provide so that learning is more effective for our students during the pandemic.

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Are you safe at school?

Use our new tracking tool to document and/or report on cases of COVID-19 at your school or college.

Call on the governor to delay the full-time reopening of our schools

Scheduling the return to school for April 26 will give educators time to get at least one dose of the vaccine and give communities more time to plan for the transition.

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Vaccine decision ‘a tremendous victory’ for students and educators

The federal government’s decision to grant school employees priority access to COVID-19 vaccines is a tremendous victory for students, educators and our communities.

Educators working through their unions and with our allies, including many parents, have been tireless in their advocacy to have Governor Charlie Baker acknowledge the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s classification of school employees as essential workers and begin the vaccination program now. President Biden heeded the call that our own governor, until today, did not or would not listen to.

Read MTA President Merrie Najimy's Full Statement

When we fight, we win – and we just won vaccination

COVID-19 & Schools

COVID-19 and Schools: The Latest News and What's Next

A 'Joyful Day" for Educators

Can Children Get COVID?

COVID-19 Variants

New federal aid to benefit state and local public education

On March 11, President Joe Biden signed The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. The measure provides substantial resources for Massachusetts schools, colleges and universities. It also provides funding for individuals, for other targeted priorities, and for state and local governments.

Preliminary information is now emerging on the education funding itself and on the aid to state and local governments that can also be used to support public education. The following are some important points:

K-12 Funds Higher Ed Funds MMA Estimates for Cities and Towns

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Are you safe at work? New tool helps educators track, report COVID-19 cases

Help Stop the Spread

A new tracking tool is now available to help educators document cases of COVID-19 at work.

The tracker, available at, allows educators to:

  • Search for known and suspected cases of COVID-19 at their public school, college or workplace
  • Report on safety conditions at their school, college or worksite
  • Share the experience of working in public education during the coronavirus pandemic

The tracker, developed by the MTA and AFT Massachusetts, is designed to give local associations, members and their families useful information as well as hold our elected officials accountable.

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Health and Safety Resources 
A Guide for Bargaining the Safe Return to Schools and Campuses

Policies and practices for a safe return to our schools and campuses.

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Building Safety Checklist

A list of preparations to incorporate with your local association's building safety plan.

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Bargaining and Online Resources for MTA Members

Resources and tools for bargaining health and safety conditions.

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Information Request/Demand to Bargain

Request form based on MGL ch. 150E.

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