Resolutions Committee

MTA members, you are the MTA. Your voice defines our organization. Your action is what makes us strong.

MTA’s resolutions are the organization’s statements of principle on issues relating to members, public education, the welfare of students and human and civil rights.

A proposal for a new resolution or revision of an existing one may be submitted by any member.

The Resolutions Committee may also propose resolutions.

As a result of a change to the MTA Standing Rules that was approved in 2021, proposed resolutions are now due by the second Friday in January and no longer may be submitted at the Annual Meeting of Delegates.

All resolutions submitted are considered by the Resolutions Committee, and those submitted by the January deadline are also brought before the Board of Directors.

To become the official position of the MTA, a resolution must be adopted by the delegates to the Annual Meeting.

Resolutions Committee

Chair: Deb Gesualdo

Staff Consultant: Mary MacDonald,

Staff Assistant: Laura Mullen,