Candidate Recommendation Committee

The MTA has a formal process for interviewing and evaluating candidates through its Candidate Recommendation Committee. The CRC consists of two MTA members elected from each of the state's nine congressional districts, as well as MTA's president, vice president and executive director-treasurer.

In a race for an open seat, candidates from all parties are invited to participate in the MTA's interview process. All candidates receive the association's questionnaire and are invited to be interviewed by a team of MTA members who represent the locals in the affected legislative districts. The candidate evaluation teams then make recommendations to the CRC for final approval.

When incumbent legislators are involved, the CRC reviews voting records to determine whether candidates have earned the MTA's recommendation.

Tim Collins, CD 1

Brendan Sheran, CD 1

Candace Shivers, CD 2

William Miskinis, CD 2

Adam Snodgrass, CD 3

Diana Marcus, CD 3

Claire Naughton, CD 4

Mary Ann Ziemba, CD 4

Bill Dooling, CD 5

Gerard Ruane, CD 5

Eric Forman, CD6 (Vice Chair)

Bonnie Page, CD6

Michael Kozuch, CD 7

Richard Liston, CD 7

Kerry Costello, CD 8 (Chair)

VacantCD 8

Michelle Dunn, CD9

Joseph O’Sullivan, CD9

Members Ex Officio
Merrie Najimy, MTA President
Max Page, MTA Vice President
Ann Clarke, MTA Executive Director-Treasurer

Staff Consultant
Sean King,
Kate Donaghey,

Staff Assistant
Molly Stolberg,