MTA Retired Members Gathering

MTA Retired

The MTA Retired Gathering provides a great opportunity to gain new skills, make friends, reconnect with colleagues, use your voice to advocate for our students and schools, and hear from MTA leaders.


Springfield retirees

MTA Retired Members Gathering

October 19 to 23, 2020

Join our sessions virtually:

 Date Morning Session  Afternoon Session 
 10/19/2020 Plenary Session  Advice for New Retirees
 10/20/2020 Polarization is Boring: An Election in Exceptional Times with Unexceptional Dynamics Women’s Suffrage: The Biography of Boston Suffragist Helen Osborne Storrow
 10/21/2020 Institutional Racism and Social Justice at MTA - A Panel Discussion Raising Consciousness: Institutional Racism and Education
 10/22/2020  Fighting Climate Change Across Generations COVID-19 Impacts on Public Education: MTA Actions
 10/23/2020  Retiree Activism in the Time of COVID-19 Neoliberalism’s Impact on Public Education: Question to Ponder