Underfunding of Our Schools and Colleges

What Our Students Are Owed

Researchers have calculated how much money each school district and each public higher education campus would receive if the Fund Our Future campaign is successful. To see the dollar amounts, select a district or campus — red = preK-12 district and blue = public college or university — and then click on the icon that appears on the map.

Methodology Behind PreK-12 Funding

Based on a simulation by the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center, the map indicates the additional Chapter 70 aid each district would receive in fiscal year 2023 if the four core recommendations of the 2015 Foundation Budget Review Commission are phased in over a five-year period. The amounts shown are in addition to the FY23 baseline Chapter 70 aid for each district. "Baseline" is the Chapter 70 aid each district would receive if the recommendations were not implemented. For about 60 percent of districts, the FY23 figure includes additional Chapter 70 "minimum aid," which was not part of the FBRC recommendations.

Methodology Behind Higher Ed Funding

Since its FY01 high point, inflation-adjusted state higher education appropriations have declined by 32 percent in per-pupil terms. Attaining the FY01 level again would require an additional $574 million.

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Use this check to highlight how much is owed to your school district or campus.

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