Student Opportunity Act Funding

Projected Education Funding Increases

Student Opportunity Act funding

Together we have achieved a tremendous victory for students, educators and communities.

The Student Opportunity Act, a major education funding bill backed by the MTA and other members of the Fund Our Future Coalition, was signed into law by Governor Charlie Baker on Nov. 26. This victory was achieved after more than a year of MTA member activism at the local level and on Beacon Hill. School districts will receive a projected $1.5 billion above inflation in new state education aid when the bill is fully phased in. Most of the money is targeted to high-poverty school districts.

This map shows projected increases in Chapter 70 school aid for the state’s operating school districts. The first number reflects how much more Chapter 70 aid the district is projected to receive in FY21 (which runs from July 1, 2020, to July 1, 2021) than in the current fiscal year. The second number, for fiscal year 2027, reflects how much more the district is projected to receive in FY27 than in the current fiscal year. The projections are based on assumptions that may or may not be borne out over time, particularly after seven years; therefore, the numbers should be used to give local residents a sense of the kind of increases this bill may generate and should not be taken as guarantees.

In addition to increasing Chapter 70 funds, the Student Opportunity Act provides new money for charter school reimbursements, the circuit breaker program for expensive (and primarily out-of-district) special education placements and a new $10 million trust fund. It is not possible to accurately project district funding under the non-Chapter 70 sections of the bill over time. When the governor releases his budget proposal for FY21 in January, districts will have more detailed information about how much they may receive in that year in all accounts affected by the new law. We will update our data as new information becomes available.

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