Standing Up for Our Students

Educators speak out for the schools our communities deserve

Rally for Public Education

Educators, students and parents unite to demand the schools our communities deserve. Thousands attended the Rally for Public Education on Boston Common on May 20, 2017.

Too Much Testing

High-stakes testing has taken over our students’ school days, says Southbridge teacher Miriam Sas. Comment on this video to share a story about testing at your school.

The Truth About Charter Schools

Charter schools siphon off millions of dollars from our public schools. Learn more from educators working to create the schools our communities deserve.

Educators Deserve Living Wages

Many educators don’t make a living wage. Worcester ESP Saul Ramos' story of struggle is all too common among education support professionals.

Support Educators

The cost of living keeps rising, but educators’ compensation isn’t keeping up. That’s not right, says Worcester teacher Caitlin McCarthy. "Like" this video to show your support for educators.

Support Higher Ed

Our public higher education system is replacing full-time faculty with adjuncts who are not fairly compensated. Learn more about how this is affecting our colleges and universities.

Support Public Education

Massachusetts’ budget crisis hurts students the most. Learn more about what the MTA is doing to fight for the schools our communities deserve.

Union Strong

Unions fight to protect students, families and workers. Learn more about what the MTA does to support our schools.

Support Public Education

Parents and educators work together every day — but everyone has a role to play in creating the schools our communities deserve.

Supporting Students

The Trump administration has instilled fear in our immigrant students and their families. MTA members are standing up for these students and ensuring that schools are safe places to learn.

Stand Up for Students

Politicians in our state need to work for the schools our communities deserve. They have a constitutional obligation to fund education – and they must meet that responsibility.

Educators Know What’s Best for Students

Educators know what’s best for students – and it isn’t high-stakes testing. Comment to share a story about a great educator!

Less Testing/More Learning

Teachers assess students regularly to guide instruction. But the madness of high-stakes testing is hurting our schools and communities.

Supporting Students

MTA members care deeply about their students and are fighting every day to improve Massachusetts schools.