Task Force on Race

The MTA reaffirms its commitment to eliminate discrimination in public education (MTA Resolution F‐31) and “to prevent any encroachment on basic civil and human rights” (MTA Resolution I‐15). In recognition of the growing public concern about racial profiling in our communities and in our schools the MTA will:

  1. Develop educational materials for MTA members about the impacts of mass incarceration, police violence, and the school‐to‐prison pipeline on students of color; these materials will be published in MTA Today and on the MTA website;
  2. Provide MTA members with information about resources they can use to engage students, teachers and community members in conversations about racism, including the “Race Reels” program, an after‐school film series designed and successfully implemented at the local level by MTA members;
  3. Provide staff support for locals that wish to engage their members, students, communities and/or administrations in addressing these issues;
  4. Provide active vocal support and protection for teachers who raise these issues in their classrooms or with their school administration; and
  5. Create a working group of members which will be tasked with developing educational materials and social change strategies to help our members, local associations, schools and communities address these issues.

Task Force Members

Shauna Manning and Joel Saxe, Chairs
Valerie Bonds
Theresa Bryant
Paul Caswell
Cedric Cunningham
Danette Day
Sharmese Gunn
Terry King
Katie Lecaro
Yahaira Rodriguez
Karen Tokos   

Merrie Najimy, Member Ex Officio, MTA President
Max Page, Member Ex Officio, MTA Vice President

Becky Austin, baustin@massteacher.org, MTA Staff Assistant
Eric Bauer, ebauer@massteacher.org, MTA Staff Consultant


Black Lives Matter at School Resources at neaedjustice.org