Full-Capacity Local Training Committee

Reviews and restructures MTA leadership and professional training programs and delivery systems to align with the Strategic Action Plan to ensure membership participation and efficient use of organizational resources (i.e., trainings are aligned with the stated needs of locals, chapters and members to impart the skills and knowledge necessary to strengthen local capacity and expand professional skills).

Creates a common curriculum for all leadership and professional training programs aligned with skills and knowledge desired for each capacity (leadership, communication skills, political action, professional standards, regulatory requirements, external messaging, member-generated public relations and media outreach, etc.).

Develops online training modules, webinars and narrated PowerPoints in addition to live trainings.

Disseminates a catalog annually that describes offerings, along with knowledge and skills to be learned, a schedule of trainings and information on scheduling training programs locally.

Develops training evaluations to capture data necessary to assess and improve content and delivery.

Folds in duties of the Affiliate Services Committee and Summer Conference training.

Chair: Chandler Creedon

Staff Consultant: Taylor Brennan, tbrennan@massteacher.org